The Documentary of C-LOC

Ok now she mad this morning 😐 she kicking her son out today y I don’t know all the shit he did & she allow it 🤔 she say she don’t know y she doing it 😐 but she always say she just looking out for my kids 😔 this got me thinking about my life

The Documentary of C-LOC


it’s time to go yesterday had me thinking about what went down 🤔 I know she was going to come back but I did not thank it was like this 😐 she got up this morning & start cooking me something to eat but went I eat it I sleep for a long time I don’t know y I can’t get up 😐 I was thinking this is the end she started to call the mortuary to come & get me 😐 I just don’t y she didn’t call the police to see if I was die are alive 😐😐

This Shit got me mad as hell 👿 win I thank about all the time I called the police & how I call than out at her job Tha just lat her go 👿 like it was nothing so y would I call them back out 👿 it’s was like I was on my own it’s time for payback 👿 what to do 🤔 all I know is I need to get away from this crazy as bitch 👿

finally get out the bed on my own 😔 I went to a hospital to get checked up the Dr told me I taking a lot of sleeping pills 😔 now I see she trying to kill me start thank about filing for divorce but I already did it and Tha told me I can’t live so it well be my second time filing 😔 Tha told me that I can’t live because she mental and it’s a felony I’m fuck up now I have to be here 👿 for a wow

Well I’m sill in the bed 😔 not doing to good this morning 😔 there guys calling my phone now & playing on it 😐 I can’t believe this shit 😔 one day I’m out of jail & she going right back to it 👿 at this time I don’t know what to do I start packing my clothes to live 😔 thin a big as fight broke out it was the first time I put my hand on her 👿 I knock her out 👿 I know I knock her out I seeing her full down and did not get up it’s was getting bad 👿 & I now it I want her Dead 👿 and now I see she don’t respect me no more it’s all fuck up 😔

Well this morning got me thinking 🤔 so much Shit going on in this house it feel like a year went by 😔 the Saints loss Tha didn’t make it to the playoff & she talking about going out of town to St. Louis for our anniversary 😐 we I see that was a bad 😔 I didn’t thank that alway throw 😔 we got in to it the hold weekend 😫